Expedition to Pieniny


Sokolica 747 m n.p.m.

The expedition in many respects was unique. Autumn in the mountains, their colour and beauty, the new team’s members and as it turned out, a new departure form. Neither bad weather forecasts not traffic james could spoil that. The most important was to be there, all together, because the real happiness is when you can share it with friends… Here is what has been recorded in the Frihet’s book:


Route: Szczawnica – Sokolica – Trzy Korony – Czerwony Klasztor – Szczawnica
Transition time: 9h 30 min
Distance: 33 km

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We reached the destination at different times. First: Tomek and Angelika came in the evening and found accommodation for all of us. The rest of primates Frihets at strength Martyna, Paulina, Paweł and Dżarek joined late at night. Next day, on Saturday morning… Autumn aura, mountain air, quiet sound of the river in a distance…. We hit the trail to reach our aim, which was Three Crowns. Blue trail began with raft crossing through Dunajec [foto]. Resolute rafter Józef (Joseph) after taking 2 PLN per head from us and makes his job done wished us to have a good day and crossed the river back. Tough climbing up had started, however, it was worth. The first phenomenal summit on our route was called SOKOLICA (747m above sea level) with the famous pine inclined over precipice [foto]. The view from the summit to the colourful mosaic of trees which cover nearest mountains was amazing… We hiked further… First passed Czertezik, then Castle’s Mountain. We were marshing on in a pouring rain. Weather that day – as it’s in the mountains – was unpredictable. It was raining and the sun was shining alternately. When we reached up the Three Crowns we found out that the entrance to the observatory platform cost 4 PLN. Well, we could not be that close and not go there to see these fabulous views. We paid. Everything would be ok if not the crowd of people on the platform. Quick rotation, one-way traffic and we reached the yellow trail down to Sromowce Niżne. The shelter was waiting for us when we got down. Of course we ate our fill and a pork chops should be the emblem of our team 🙂 From Sromowce Niżne we went to the Slovak side through recently built footbridge by the Dunajec. There, in the pouring rain we looked in the Red Monastery, and soaking up from one minute to another we hiked along the banks of the Dunajec river to Szczawnica, all the time on the Slovak side. During this time we were an attraction for the tourists who were going down the river on the rafts 🙂 Variety of leaves’ coulours on the trees that surrounded us and landscapes on both sides of the river [foto] caused that we forgotten about tiredness and water permeating our clothes. Autumn in the mountains is like a painter’s palette, who was reached by creative inspiration … You have to see it, to find it out …
When we reached Szczawnica we did a little shopping and headed towards our rooms. A great drying had started there. The hairdryer passed the durability test and was able to dry all our clothes. We were enthusiastic to watch the football match between Poland and the Czech Republic. Knowing the style of our compatriots play we have decided to support the opposing team 😉 Was worth 🙂 Tired and very happy in the same time we went to our beds, saying not only goodnight but also-see what the weather will be tomorrow …


Route: Castle in Niedzica – Wieliczka (Salt Mine) – Ogrodzieniec – Olsztyn near Czestochowa – Częstochowa/Bydgoszcz/Poznań

According to our yesterday’s agreement we had ultimately decide in the morning what the second day of our trip be.
Estimating the frequency of the raindrops falling down to the ground and the clouds hunging low, we decided to do the plan “B”.
The plan was a result of brainstorming we carried out during Saturday’s match (our win). Decision taken … We pack our bags and move on to the castle in Niedzica. After reaching the place we divided into two groups. Polcia, Martynka, Krzysiek, Paweł and Dżarek went towards the castle, while Tom and I (Angela) toward the dam. Our separation did not last long. After a quarter the group of Primates Frihets emerged from the hydroelectric power station. Walk around the dam and its surroundings, and the Society of Young Frihets proved to be more interesting than the visit in the crowded castle, which was certainly worthy of attention.
Going towards the lonely, wooden house on the hill (it was a mountain shelter as we found out later), we encountered a metal disc with a green hat, which caught our attention. The nameplate of this metal disc disclosed the information the that was not previously known to us – piezometeric http://pl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Piezometr

We left on … On our way to Wieliczka a small hunger woke up in our tummies. We killed it with a hot dogs from the Orlen petrol station. After reaching the place we went to the famous salt mine. Usually the Frihet team climbs up 🙂 this time we went [foto] underground. Strange feeling … air blust we could feel through the corridors gave the impression of an oncoming tube:) The walls gleamed like they were the ice crystals, in fact it was a salt. It is hard to believe that the length of all corridors is almost 300km long. We visited with a guide only about 2km sidewalks including the magnificent room with a variety of sculptures. Perhaps the most spectacular of these was St. Kinga’s Chapel [foto]. It seemed incredible that under the ground there are such big excavations in a gym size. On the way of visit there was a room where the Polish cult film “Sexmisja” was made:) At the end of our underground walk the cafeteria appeared. Stew, baked beans, some drinks and chop chop … we went to the lift – if you can call it that. We were “packed” like sardines in a tin. We felt a bit frightened. We were left ourselves, without anyone to take care of us many metres under the ground. Like executioners, who were promised deportation to the surface, and truly we could have been thrown into the depths of the mine. Fortunately these were just our dark thoughts:) Fast driving up in the carriage with a pinch of fear and ready 🙂
Later, we decided to visit ruins of a castle in Ogrodzieniec. Unfortunately, the weather was very bad that day what caused many accidents on the roads. We wasted a lot of time being stuck in traffic jams, so when we finally arrived it was too late to get into the castle: (Castle tour was impossible, but we gloated its view from the outside [foto] and decided to get back there the other time.
The limestone architecture dragged us that much, that we decided to visit some more castle’s ruins [foto], on our way back, which were located in Olsztyn near Czestochowa. That was the beginning of the Jura. Even though this castle was smaller than the one in Ogrodzieniec it did a great impression on us. The idea of creating a lettering FRIHET from our bodies came up there [foto]. Just before that memorable moment a flock of partridges appeared just in fornt of us and chasing them we all run into different directions 🙂
Ogólnie poczucie humoru towarzyszyło nam przez cały czas od chwili spotkania?..To trzeba przeżyć wybierając się na wyprawę z ekipą Frihetu 🙂
Wszystko co ma początek, ma też swój koniec :/
The group of Primates Frihets hit the road back home (Poznań), and Tom and Angela stayed in Czestochowa. Farewell was loooong and spectacular, with smiles on our faces, but with sadness inside … A few moments later, two cars drifted to different directions. Last gestures through the open windows … … eh … .. sad …. (Hlip, hlip)
But … time start – counting down to the next trip ;)[TB]

tbas – Freshly known Frihet’s cadets and also their first, joint description of the expedition. Greetings to all who read that and are still alive 🙂

Tomasz i Angelika

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7 Responses to “Expedition to Pieniny”

  1. jarek on October 13th, 2009 22:05:49

    Choć na wyprawę poświęciliśmy zaledwie weekend WARTO BYŁO.
    Pieniny mimo małej wysokości są po prostu fantastyczne!!!, urokliwe skalne pejzaże wzbogacone są jesienną barwą roślinności, która w tych górach jest naprawdę różnorodna. Na długo w mojej pamięci pozostanie także widok ruin zamku w Ogrodzieńcu, któremu niesamowitej tajemniczości dodał zmierzch oraz zaczynająca się wówczas burza….

  2. jarek on October 13th, 2009 22:08:47

    Dodam jeszcze że cały czas towarzyszył nam niesamowity humor Tomka – taki czasem z Monthy Phytona – (moi ulubieńcy) 🙂

  3. Mariolka on October 14th, 2009 10:32:36

    Dżarek masz całkowitą racje. Góry o tym czasie są naprawdę piękne. Ta ich paleta barw chyba każdego zachwyca, a doborowe towarzystwo wypełniło całą resztę. Ja zawsze chciałam zobaczyć tą sosnę na Sokolicy. Główny motyw wielu pocztówek no i zobaczyłam. Ba nawet mamy przy niej sesje zdjęciową:)
    Kolejna udana wyprawa, wnosząca coś nowego i poszerzająca nasze horyzonty. Zamki też były super nie mówiąc już o “Wieliczce”. Kto by pomyślał, że w głębi ziemi mogą być porobione tak wielkie “komnaty”. Niestety bilety wstępu są dość drogie, ale warto się skusić choć by po to aby zobaczyć kaplice św. Kingi. Robi naprawdę niesamowite wrażenie.

  4. tbas on October 14th, 2009 15:14:00

    co tu dużo pisać…Było frihetowo:) i jeszcze nieraz będzie 😛

  5. tbas on October 15th, 2009 16:52:41

    co do zamków to też racja,niczym ze Świętego Graal`a z Monty Python`a 😀

  6. tbas on October 15th, 2009 20:36:40

    AA!!! I jeszcze coś!! Nie wiem jakim cudem Mariolka skakała z GPSem na druga stronę rzeki w drodze powrotnej:D Mapa wyraźnie to pokazuje:)

  7. polcia on October 18th, 2009 14:27:14

    Wyprawa baaardzo pozytywna i pomimo niesprzyjającej pogody bardzo udana…:-) I ta nocna eskapada po zamkach….Pozdrawiam wszystkich uczestników;-)

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