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Wysoka 1050 m n.p.m.

Wysoka 1050 m n.p.m.

Pieniny are extremely charming and beautiful, with fantastic views and a unique atmosphere. Wladyslaw Anczyca in 1864 stated: “Who was not in the Tatrach and Pieniny was not anywhere and did not see anything.” We love to go back there, because this year the team Frihetu appeared on the Pieniny trails. Listen…

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Dolina Pięciu Stawów Polskich

As well, there go back…

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Sokolica 747 m n.p.m.

The expedition in many respects was unique. Autumn in the mountains, their colour and beauty, the new team’s members and as it turned out, a new departure form. Neither bad weather forecasts not traffic james could spoil that. The most important was to be there, all together, because the real happiness is when you can share it with friends… Here is what has been recorded in the Frihet’s book:


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The expedition took place:
Accommodation: Szczawnica
Purpose of the expedition: Trzy Korony

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